Day 30: July 2nd: 1st Cody's Birthday!!!!

  • Jul 02, 2010

We had a late breakfast treat at Johnson’s Crossing Campground Services 203 miles from Watson Lake on the Alaska Highway.  They were noted by some literature to have the world’s best Cinnamon Buns and we had to check it out.  It is difficult to say anything is better than Scott’s mom’s cooking, but if we excluded Meme’s exceptional cinnamon rolls, then these would be fabulously delicious too.  They had raisins rolled in with the cinnamon and brown sugar which added a nice flavor to the rolls.

We are now in the Pacific Time Zone.  There are officially 21 hours of daylight here.  Although I don’t remember it ever getting dark beyond dusk last night.  I was still up at 1 am this time in amazement at the fact that it was so bright out.  Cody was up at 4 am.  We just switched time zones last night so it will take us a few days to adjust.  Although, once we hit Alaska we will change time zones again.

I’m curious what Brooke’s reaction to Alaska will be.  When we crossed into Canada it was at a small town.  There wasn’t even a sign saying we were now in Canada.

Brooke said, “Mom, this isn’t Canada!”

I think she was waiting for something incredibly unique since we had been talking about it and preparing for it for so long.


The capital of Yukon Territory since 1953

The SS Klondike.  Brooke has wanted to go on a steamboat ever since the first Great River Road Visitor’s Center with the eagle’s nest.  That is where she first learned about steamboats.  She was still bummed that it wasn’t on the water, but she was still very excited and kept directing Scot to take pictures.  The boat was used to carry mail, general supplies, passengers, and silver lead ore along the 460-mile route between Whitehorse and Dawson City until 1955 when a railroad line replaced it.  For people living in the northern Yukon from 1929 until 1955 it was the only means of communication and transportation and it was only available May until October due to frozen waterways.

The Fish Ladder

The top fish is the male salmon.  The male’s snout is larger than the female’s, and the female’s tummy is larger because she can be carrying up to 5,000 eggs.  These are typical of the salmon they see in August.  We saw tiny baby salmon today.  With the size of the large salmon Scott wonders if he should be fishing with steel cable and steaks instead of his tiny lure.




A beaver that was hanging out at the fish ladders.  That’s his wild tail behind him.  The dam and power station with the fish ladder in the foreground.  They let Brooke feed the fish inside.

Hanging out in the tent at our campsite in Pine Lake.  Cody celebrated his first birthday in the Yukon.  Scott baked a cake and we even had a stick candle that Brooke found and cleaned for us.

Scott took some great pictures at our campsite last night.

Brooke and Scott went for a walk along the lake and played at the playground while I attempted to get Cody to sleep.  This picture was taken at about 10 pm Yukon time.  Interestingly enough it was just about this bright at 1 am too.

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