Day 29: July 1st: Canada Day

  • Jul 01, 2010

We have been very lucky with rain for at least a week now.  When it has rained it rains for a few minutes and then the sun is out again, and sometimes it rains while the sun is still shining.  However, today is “to the bone” cold and wet.  Brooke was crying about why it was raining. I explained that we hadn’t had a rainy day in a while so I ordered one up for us.  She didn’t appreciate the answer. :-)

A buffalo who braved the rain.  This is about twenty miles south of Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park.  We saw a lot of buffalo scattered along the roads today.

Since we were wet today anyway, it was a perfect day for some hot springs.

This is Liard River Hotsprings.  It is open year-round. The water temperature ranged from 108 to 126.   Apparently the locals are in there soaking up the warmth even when it is 40 below.  They say it is fine as long as you don’t get your ears wet.  The further down stream you went the cooler the water became.  There was a tree in the water you could ride like a one-sided teeter-totter and a small waterfall.  It was very picturesque and as usual the pictures here just don’t do the scenery justice.  It was probably my favorite rainy day so far.

Another bear on the side of the road today just before we entered the Yukon.  We are currently traveling right along the 60th parallel still traveling on the Alaska Highway or 97.

Watson Lake - “Yukon’s Gateway”- The Signpost Forest

The Signpost Forest began in 1942 when a US Army engineer, Carl Lindley, put up a sign of Danville, Illinois, his hometown.  Who would have thought Danville would be famous in Canada?  It is estimated that over 65,000 visitors have now also left street signs, license plates, and other creative signs including toilet seats.  Visitors are encouraged to add their own signs.  There are so many it could take days to look at them all.  We found some close to home.  Near where we ate our dinner of teriyaki pork chops and green beans we took a picture of Wheaton for Uncle Mike and happened to find Crystal Lake.  We are now over 2,500 miles from home.  It is only another 4,000 to Tokyo!


Carl Lindley at the 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway.


While trying to clean up dinner I put Cody on the bed of the van with Brooke.  Cody wasn’t very happy with his dinner so he decided to break open the Cherrios instead.

Sobering note.  We just passed a motorcyclist who took a tumble.  The truckers on the side of the road think he is alright, but he wasn’t up and moving.  We asked if we could help, but the only help they needed was a satellite phone, which we do not have.  If something were to happen not only would you need to wait for help, but you would need to wait for someone to tell someone you need help.

We are driving after dinner again in hopes of reaching US soil for a Fourth of July celebration.  I’m curious if they do fireworks up here, seeing as there really are no completely dark hours.  Tomorrow is Cody’s birthday.  Last year this time I was having contractions while looking for houses with my mom.  I had no idea there was such a smiley baby boy coming into our lives.








Cody today at the Watson Lake Visitor’s Center.  He is always so excited to be free and roaming.

This was our campsite last night.  We were on top of a hill overlooking a lake.  Brooke had on her orange Diego backpack and was picking Queen Anne’s Lace for me.  I made Scott take a picture of her being so cute.

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