July 11, 2017 Day 7 Delray Beach, FL

July 11, 2017 in 2017 Florida by April

No alarm, no hurry, we didn’t wake up until nine o’clock Central time.  Then we had a lazy, no rush breakfast of French Toast.  After we packed lunches and loaded up all the beach paraphernalia we headed out.



This was Cody’s first experience with the Atlantic Ocean.  Brooke was in the Atlantic Ocean when she was eight months old, but she didn’t remember it of course.  So they both entered the water slowly soaking it all in, letting the waves wash over them.  After a few minutes of reflection they were off and running.


Usually when just Scott and I hit the beach we pack what we can in a backpack and call it a day.  This time we had: metal shovels, four chairs, a small cooler, buckets, and an umbrella.


We were at the beach from 12-4.  Scott was even willing to stay longer, which is uncharacteristic of my one-hour-tops beach companion.  I spotted the little bit of burn on his shoulders and mine and decided it was time to relax in the shade.


Scott cooked up some leftover Japanese and Chinese from our stay with Ed and Kayla.  We stayed at the table while Scott planned our trip to the Kennedy Space Center for the next day and I planned some meals and wrote our shopping list.  Before we crashed for the night we did some grocery shopping.  Playing in the sun all day combined with the previous late night made for some super sleepy kids who were fast asleep before Scott and I finished making lunches for the next day and fell into bed ourselves.